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    Working with Kathy from Inspirational Coaching has been a really positive experience for me. Being new to the organisation meant that I faced a number of challenges and I found that the coaching really enabled me to gain some great insights into how to deal with the issues I was faced with. I now have some strategies to help me to manage situations with greater confidence going forward. Thank you Kathy!

    Paul Usatov,
    Manager Building Services,
    City of Casey

    Inspirational Coaching led a six month, in-house Leadership Program for seven of our upcoming stars. (After just two sessions, my staff were begging for more!) It was truly inspirational to see them all develop a better sense of themselves and their values during the Program and they all gave the course 10 out of 10! All who participated have grown and/or developed new skills and have been given the tools to inspire and motivate their teams.

    Caroline Mulcahy,
    Chief Executive,
    Melbourne IVF

    Your team at Inspiration Coaching have turned our long term vision into reality. An innovative and comprehensive Leadership and Development Program for Early Years Professionals is the first step in what we envisage will build the leadership capacity of a highly skilled workforce to enable them to better support each other and families across our municipality. I cannot thank you enough for your creative and flexible approach in working with our team to develop this outstanding program.

    Katy Wills,
    Childrenís Services Coordinator,
    Frankston City Council

    Inspirational Coaching Pty Ltd has been providing training and coaching services to the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board for some considerable time now, working with several departments within this organisation. We are delighted that the Inspirational Coaching team, through their enthusiasm and commitment, will continue to deliver this inspiring program.

    Peter Akers,
    Chief Executive and Chief Officer,

    And from participants in the aforementioned MFB program: Program is fantastic... loving it... absolutely excellent... the light bulb has been switched on... all facilitators inspiring...dynamic...enthralling...witty...encouraging...knowledgeable...fabulous! Addressed current, relevant issues in our workplace...more people should do this workshop...privileged to attend...thanks a million!

    I attended the three day workshop expecting to learn how to implement internal coaching in my organisation; this expectation was met with the highest standard. I derived enormous benefit from working with the facilitator and having her share her experiences and wisdoms. The workshop group size was ideal for the type of training as it allowed a safe environment to practice our newly learnt skills. I got great value from the coaching and mentoring session conducted by an experienced coach. The course material was very helpful, succinct and user friendly and an easy resource to use back in the workplace. Since I have attended the workshop I have had many opportunities to apply my new skills.

    Samantha Riddle,
    National HR Manager,
    DWS Advanced Business Solutions

    ... looking forward to working (again) with you and your colleagues in the future... thank you for a wonderfully inspiring presentation... there has been an overwhelming positive response to the day.

    Moira McLoughlin,
    Cabrini Hospital,

    I was at this morningís (FISH!) breakfast and I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic start to the day... I cannot stop talking about FISH! to colleagues. This mornings presentation really drove home how simple the principles are and the fact that anyone can relate to them. Thanks again for a great morning and push in the right direction.

    Jane Edgar,
    Human Resources Coordinator,
    McLean Delmo Hall Chadwick

    I found the coaching sessions that we had over the last year incredibly helpful and incredibly supportive as well as truly "inspirational".

    Steve Bolsin,
    Director of Perioperative Medicine, Anaesthesia & Pain Management
    The Geelong Hospital

    It was great to be able to work with a group of people who had the skills and flexibility to tailor the professional development sessions to what we required and then to have this complemented by the team of individual coaches. The growth I have seen in the management group is a credit to the Inspirational Coaching team.

    Nick Prendergast,
    Manager, Adolescent Forensic Health Service,
    Royal Children's Hospital

    I am writing to commend Inspirational Coaching for the excellent coaching/training programs conducted over the past year. It has been exciting and inspiring to see the genuine commitment and achievement of managers and staff. I look forward to working with Inspirational Coaching in continuing to provide opportunities for staff to develop professionally as individuals and as a team.

    Marilyn Kearney,
    Director Corporate Planning and Finance,
    City of Monash

    I would like to thank you for a very inspirational day indeed. I was quite excited to go back to work today and start working on improving my skills for my own and my team's benefit... thank you very much for a great day.

    Corina Sasarman,
    Production Supervisor GC/LC,
    SGE International Pty. Ltd

    Regardless of the reason for undertaking coaching, whether it be for self improvement, addressing an area for reinforcement, or trying to get that edge, this program is quite effective. From my own personal experience, undertaking this program has increased my confidence and given me or reinforced the tools necessary to identify and address issues to give a far more effective result when managing people. Inspirational Coaching are friendly and I found them to be most professional in their actions. I would recommend Inspirational Coaching to anyone seeking self improvement.

    Peter Rasmus,
    Manager Commercial Services,

    FISH! has been great for my teams. It has provided practical, easy to understand principles that can be applied by any person in any team. The principles allow teams to continue to develop their capacity for operating as a group as there is so much flexibility for the application of these simple but extremely effective principles of human behaviour. Teams are only limited by themselves in how they can use the principles to improve their productivity and work environment - it is a very effective and fun way of enabling all staff to be responsible for their own and other's behaviour at work. The Inspirational Coaching team created a fantastic FISH! program for us that has had a long lasting impact. Thank you.

    Lisa Gallagher,
    Kingston City Council, Team Leader,
    Family & Community Services

    Just thought I'd drop a line about the "Coaching Workshop for Managers and Team Leaders" seminar I attended on Wednesday. The session was run by Lindsay Tighe from Inspirational Coaching and I have to say that the session was very informative and Lindsay was an awesome presenter. A very impressive person.

    Justin Wigg,
    DWS Advanced Business Solutions

    "...Lindsay Tighe the founder of Inspirational Coaching was without a doubt the best trainer that I have had the pleasure of being trained by. I would say she was a high standard and in my opinion "world class."

    Michael Marchant,
    Store Manager,

    After initially attending a very insightful public workshop on managing stress and conflict, I then arranged a number of in-house and offsite sessions for larger groups and key personnal, geared to building team, and developing skills and strategies to deal with my teamís particular challenges. I found the Inspirational coaching facilitator to be very perceptive. Sandra used her vast range of experience to pin point the group or individualís needs and then applied her array of tools to re align the participantís view. It helped me as a Manager see staff and their issues from a varying degree of angles. I found the sessions to be of extreme benefit. All who attended were enlightened by the activities and discussions that took place during these sessions.
    I would highly recommend investing in a long-term program with Inspirational Coaching. There are clear benefits for the Individual (both staff and Management) and the company as a whole.

    Darren Lee,
    Macquarrie Corporation Pty Ltd

    The aim at Hampton Park PS is to develop teachersí e-potential to improve their teaching practice in ICT. We employed a coach, from Inspirational Coaching, to assist the Planning Team in creating a culture of coaching at the school through the development of an ICT Project. Through the coachís leadership in the facilitation of professional discussions and outstanding questioning skills, the team reflected on the positives of our school resulting in a celebration of our achievements and movement towards a very successful ICT program for teachers. The Planning Team, when working individually with the coach were challenged in their thinking, reflected on their own practice addressing individual concerns and increased their confidence when facilitating professional learning. There is a buzz in the school which is centred on the development of teachersí skills in ICT. A high level of enthusiasm and willingness of teachers to participate in the program has been a result of coaching sessions. We are looking forward to continuing the work with our coach. She is an inspiration!!

    Connie VanderVoort ,
    Assistant Principal
    Hampton Park Primary School

    Recently I was fortunate to experience a terrifically motivating workshop facilitated by Inspirational Coaching. The workshop, focussed on the FiSH! Philosophy was fun, engaging and inspirational. My colleague and I have come away with a wide range of ideas and insights to present and implement back at school. It was refreshing to have input from qualified coaching staff that challenged us to think about things from a wider perspective.

    Kerry Miller,
    Deputy Principal and Learning & Teaching Coordinator
    St Maryís Primary School, Thornbury