Inspirational Coaching

Are You Ready To Be Coached?

Please take the time to fill in your details and answer the questions below to raise your awareness in these important area - have fun and feel free to email us with any insights or questions!

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Are you interested in being coached? Yes No Are you interested in any of our workshops? Yes No

Are you ready to be coached?
I am prepared to consider new possibilities True False I am committed to change True False
I donít know it all True False I am willing to be challenged True False
I am prepared to be wrong True False I am ready to take action True False
I will commit some regular time for coaching True False I am prepared to do things differently True False
I will reflect in between sessions True False I am committed to being the best that I can be True False

Would you benefit from coaching? - (use the questions we already developed about reflection etc)
Do you regularly take time out to stop and think? Yes No Do you have high self awareness? Yes No
Do you know what other people would say about you? Yes No Do you learn from your mistakes? Yes No
Do you feel like you are getting wise as you get older? Yes No Do feel pleased with where you are on your lifeís journey? Yes No
Do you sense that you are "growing" as a person? Yes No Do you find it easy to say who you are and what is important to you? Yes No
Do you know how you feel and what is causing these feelings? Yes No Do you regularly put into practice what you know and have learnt? Yes No
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