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Please take the time to fill in your details and answer the questions below to raise your awareness in these important area - have fun and feel free to email us with any insights or questions!

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1)     In a peak state, type every goal you think you’d like to accomplish in the next 20 years.
Be sure to include ANYTHING you want to do, be, share, create, have, give. Include financial goals, personal development goals, physical goals, relationship goals, contribution goals - anything you’d like to learn, enjoy, or do. No matter how silly or outrageous it may seem, this is your chance to dream without limits. Be sure to keep your fingers moving as fast as possible!
2)     When you are finished, go through your list and next to each item, type the number of years you want it to take (or believe it will take) to achieve your goal (type 1 year, 2-3 years, 5, years, 10 years, or 20 years).
3)     Out of your list of goals, what are your top four one-year goals.
Out of your entire list, what do you want most? What are the top four goals that, if you could achieve them this year, would get you up early and keep you up late with excitement?
4)     For each of your top four one-year goals, write a paragraph about why they are ‘musts’ for you to achieve them.
What are the reasons you absolutely will achieve this no matter what? Remember, reasons come first, answers come second! Why do you want to do this?
5)     What are some of the things that you may need to do that you don’t want to do in order to achieve these goals?
If you have enough passion, you can get yourself to do anything, but first you must be certain about what "anything" might entail. Let’s look the tiger in the eye.
6)     Decide now:
What is one small thing that you will do immediately toward achieving one of your top goals (e.g., making a phone call, booking a meeting, getting on the internet to research, signing up for a seminar, getting a coach, etc.)?