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FISH! Philosophy What are the 4 FISH! principles?

The FISH!™ Principles

FISH! Principles

Play ~ Work made fun gets done! Play is not about games or toys; it is about your state of mind. Be creative in your problem solving. Encourage people to dare to dream. How can everyday tasks be made fun and challenging? Play energises you and the people around you. What does this mean in terms of productivity for your team? Any job can be boring if you make it boring. Note ~ this is not about throwing FISH!...

Make Their Day ~ Often when discussing the ‘make their day principle’, people complain about being too busy to stop and think about someone else. When thinking about this principle, remember to keep it simple. You might just start with smiling at someone you don’t know very well. Turn an everyday encounter into a pleasant experience for someone. Your kindness, patience and thoughtfulness will be returned. You might even enjoy making someone’s day! Think about a leader who has inspired you. For sure, they made someone’s day everyday! Look at grumpy people as a challenge. What will bring a smile to their face?

Be Present ~ Many of us need to practice this. With so many demands on our time, we often put ‘being present’ way down on the list of priorities. When was the last time you were completely in someone else’s moment? This principle means you are focused, listening and even empathising with someone. Not typing or making coffee at the same time. Do you have the ability to understand the private world of another person as if it were your own? FISH! Principles Are you just going through the motions or are you present at work?

Choose Your Attitude ~ If you look for negativity you will be sure to find it. Empower yourself to respond to challenges and problems in a constructive and positive way. Celebrate success and sit back; you will see the energy this can bring to a workplace. How do you start your day? When you get dressed every morning, ‘put on’ your attitude. There are dozens of small things you can celebrate everyday. Where do you invest your energy? Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?