Inspirational Coaching


Coaching sessions provide an invaluable structure that allows people to talk openly to an experienced, independent professional. They get the personalised, professional support and development they need to maximise impact, results and fulfilment.
Successful people make time to think, plan and reflect and coaching provides the opportunity to step back and take time out of busy schedules to do this. Self reflection is the first step towards personal excellence and with the support of a coach people are more able to increase self awareness, make better choices and create positive change to be even more effective in work and life.
It is increasingly recognised that individuals and groups perform better with coaching and this improved performance translates into tangible business results.

Study 1:
Training alone increased productivity by 22.4 percent, whereas training and follow-up coaching increased productivity by 88 percent!
Study 2:
Coaching produced a 529% return on investment as well as significant intangible benefits.
Study 3:

Results from coaching include increased self-awareness 68%, better goal-setting 62%, lower stress levels 57%, increased confidence 52%, enhanced communication skills 40% and better relationship with co-workers 33%.

Manchester Consulting 2002, IPMA Labs 2000; Report by Merrill C. Anderson, PhD, pub by Metrix Global LLC, 2001

So what does a coach do?

Provides an objective sounding board.

Provides support and honest feedback, and helps to overcome perceived obstacles.

Assists in reviewing and challenging your style of dealing with people and your strategies for getting things done.

Assists you to become more effective and maintain good performance so you donít plateau.

Provides focus and accountability for taking action.

Helps you to get a clearer direction and develop strategies to create positive change.

Helps you focus on what is important and be less distracted by some of the day-to-day problems and challenges.

Helps you gain greater self-awareness and self-management with a view to being more effective in your career and your life.

We pride ourselves on working successfully with people from diverse backgrounds, professions and seniority levels and will match our coaches with you to ensure that optimum results are achieved.

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